What makes a person a hero?

September 15, 2011 8:14am CST
you don't need to have a cape or any supernatural powers to be a hero. For me, lending a hand to someone who is in need will make you become a hero. Like sharing your stuffs with someone who doesn't have his own, lending money when someone borrows from you and donating to charities. Helping others could make you a hero=) "we're born heroes."
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• Philippines
15 Sep 11
hi there! any person could be a hero, just by being there for someone can make you a hero. Just like when we need someone to talk with or share something with, our friend, sibling, husband/wife, children, family, relative can be our hero. For me, one of my hero would be my mom. She has been always there for me, since my conception until im an adult. Whenever i encounter a problem or when im happy or when there are changes in my life she is always there guiding me, supporting me and making sure to make me feel that im not alone.
• Philippines
16 Sep 11
Hi tinker_bel, I definitely agree on that. Our mother is the greatest hero of all. She will always protect us from any danger like what heroes do in movies. She will never let a mosquito bite you. They are the most understanding person I've known. And our mothers are the sweetest heroes !! agree? =)