Why You Can’t Achieve Success?

United States
September 15, 2011 1:12pm CST
There are 17 Reasons why you cant achieve Success. How you Think + How you Feel +How You Act = Success 1.How You Think 1. You Don’t Know What You Want 2. You Believe That You’re Not Capable to be Successful 2.How You Feel 3. You Lack Fuel to Drive to Success (No Desire, No Motivation, No Time,No Money, etc.) 4. You’re Scared of a lot of Things(Fear of failure, criticism, or rejection) 5. You’re Unwilling to Learn (Especially on New Things or Weak Points) 6. You’re Too Emotional and Idealistic (You won’t be able to start anything if you wait for things to be right and perfect.) 7. You Hate Successful People (Talk back negative things behind other people’s successes instead of being inspired to acquire the same success) 3.How You Act 8. You Stick to Something That’s Getting You Nowhere 9. You Like to Settle For Less And Then BeUngrateful (Complains Why Life is so hard and unfair) 10. You Know What You Want but You Lack FOCUS (Prefer watching TV instead of growing yourself through learning and action.) 11. You Gaze on the Short-term and Neglect the Long-term Effect of Your Action/Inaction. 12. You Spend More Than You Earn 13. You Fight Change and Progress 14. You Quit Before You Win 15. You Don’t Value People 16. You Wait For Things to Happen Instead of Making Things Happen 17. You Let Tomorrow Do The Action (Procrastination)
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@anonima73 (153)
• Puerto Rico
25 Sep 11
I couldn't agree with you more. Dreams CAN always become real whenever we want. It all depends not on the world, not on the neighbor, not on your mom, not on the cat, it's NOBODY'S fault but YOURS. People tend to blame the outside world for not being able to do what we want but it all really depends on how we react to the external.
@eseulhan (199)
• Philippines
16 Sep 11
I think it can be summed into two simple things. First, is that if a person isnt responsible enough in attaining success then he'd fail. Second, if one doesnt believe in himself/herself then he can't make it.
• United States
15 Sep 11
There are a lot of excuses that can be used to keep us from achieving success. I have found ways to counter these negative feelings and become more successful.