Do you think simple way to make money online is better than the complicated one?

Hong Kong
September 16, 2011 7:20am CST
Sometimes I wonder why would be always looking for something more complicate to make money online when there are just so many simple ways to do so.Does a complicated online business will always give you more profit? No, not necessary.Some people can make money with something very simple and they are doing great.I can always open for new opportunity if there is any and always want to share mind to those who would like to exchange for idea. Well, feel free to share about yours .
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@mylabn (38)
• Philippines
16 Sep 11
I have experienced both way. If I will have another chance, I would choose the latter. I did a complicated job online that paid me enough for me and my son's monthly expenses. However, it's a bit stressful. I did simple job that pays almost nothing but a waste of time. It was more stressful because my time was being wasted and I am not gaining money.
• India
16 Sep 11
Hi mylabn I just wanted to know where to find these jobs which pay you better. I had searched many a times but i didn't got any result I really try a lot finding these if you could help where to find some profit making jobs. If you want help or if you want me to work with you . just personal message me . Your considerations will be appreciated Thank you
@Gargi2010 (639)
• India
16 Sep 11
you are right some times i also feel that but there is quite difficult to make money online if you have strong desire then everything is possible for you Regards
• Hong Kong
30 Sep 11
I think a string desire is important but without knowledge on how to do it still won't make you any money online.It does requires lots of online knowledge and sometime sit will involve some investment to purchase some useful software as well. At the same time, there just many other works to do such as promotion and get traffic and also update your blog and website all the time. Sometimes,it is just so tired to do all these things before you can really see some result ( sometimes no result at all). Anyway, I think it is still a happy experience to do online work if you love to do it. If not, people will just find that it is a waste of time.Anyway, I hope you can enjoy all the social network such as mylot because you can really get to know lots pf nice people online.Sometimes we can learn from them and sometimes people can learn from us as well. This sharing of knowledge and experience is really nice and we can always learn from each other over the internet and social network as well.Frankly speaking, I really ,like mylot because there are just so much fun and so many ways to earn money from this platform. I won't expect to make much from this website but at least I can earn ten dollars and up and get to know more friends in here. I think mylot's concept is truly success and that's why lots of people can give positive feedback about mylot. Happy mylot anyway.
@sjvg1976 (18411)
• Delhi, India
16 Sep 11
Hello wildlittlefan, Firsly it depends on person to person as the things which are complicated for me may be easier for you and vice versa. Secondly the easy way i feel won't earn you much than the complicated ones as they require more skills and knowledge and they pay for it on the other hand the simple way may not require much knowledge or skills so the earnings may be less.