Me and My Best friend

September 18, 2011 5:17am CST
When i first saw "Stef" my best friend. i actually felt that she could be "My First Girl Best Friend" because we have some similarity to one another. She and i came from a broken family and we instantly relate to the same problems that i have. She sometimes give me advises that i truly needed and most of all she made me laugh even at times that i`m encountering such problems in life there was a time, where i`m in the middle of trial and she always stays by my side comforting me and assuring me that everything will be okay. I feel her presence most of the time, to the point that she gets reprimanded by her mother because she always comes home late. And with her comforting words, when she told me that it`s okay. i feel her sincerity and thought that she is truly indeed my "Best Friend". But as time passes by , i know that i`m developing some feelings for her non only as a best friend but as someone with romantically. and i know that she feels the same way too!Because of her weird actions towards me. Until finally, we talked about our feelings for each other and we both admitted that we have feelings for each other... I felt happy because not only that i got to have a best friend that i can truly lean on but also have a Girl Friend with whom i can share my love with. I feel fortunate because life may have some obstacles and rollercoasters on the way. I still managed to find the one that i truly hoped for and that is to finally hold my one and only best girl friend.. ^_^ I Hoped that u will like my story with my lovely best friend ^_6 thanks btw for reading...
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
18 Sep 11
hai makedli.. iam touched when reading your story but in my mind(if you don`t mind), i think your feeling with your girl friend is weird, because you are girl. maybe in many western country, we always get a lesbian or gay, but in my country is taboo...
• Philippines
19 Sep 11
ohh ic i understand thats why im proud to be pinoy^_^ coz we are serious when we are in a relationship.. srry but im not a girl .actualy this is my first time to shared my story.. and im also new in this site so i dont know the way of myloters ^_^
@mammots (3271)
• Philippines
25 Sep 11
the best foundation of a relationship is friendship. you and Stef have a very solid relationship because of this strong foundation. your feeling for each other developed from friendship to true love. i hope your love story will end in marriage because you are truly meant for each other.