ABDC - Top 3

@rod977 (118)
September 18, 2011 2:45pm CST
Hi Mylotters!! I love dance and ABDC. They bring unique crews that I love but the Top 3 that I think that were beter are: 3 - POREOTICS, because the brougth a robotic style but they brought fun too with their funny performances as the Taylor Swift one. 2 - I.aM.mE, because they are unique too with their brain bang. I was brain banged in every routine that they did. And I love Chachi!! 1 - Quest Crew, I didn't even need to explain why, but it's because they are the best crew with skillz, like Victor Kim with his hollowback and Hok's tutting!!! Tell me your Top 3 cres and why do you think the are the best. :) Rod
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