My bestfriend is already a father!!!

September 19, 2011 9:44am CST
I couldn't believe to see my bestfriend on skype on how he has grown fat. I meant fat because I am used to his dancing weight. His used to be toned body has become what we say in our circle, normal people. Dancers are always in shape because of the training and endless rehearsals 5 days a week and even on weekend performances. That's why after almost two years since I last saw him in his wedding, I was really surprised on how this friend of mine has become to look like a father, physically. That wasn't just it. Seeing the baby finally in person just made me realize how time flies so fast. Good memories of our friendship since high school start to come back and we would laugh at where we are now while looking at this tiny baby, his baby. I love carrying babies because I have nieces and nephews but I just don't have the confidence to carry a two-week old baby on my arms. But this new dad is just so good at it. "It is animal instinct ,one does not need to be taught on how to do it" , he says. It all started to sink in that indeed this pal of mine is already someone's big guy and I am proud of him!
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@smacksman (6074)
19 Sep 11
The best feeling in the world to become a Dad. Good luck to them both. Sounds like he is one of the normal men who puts on weight easily so a lot of hanging around feeding and bathing baby and then awake all hours of the night sure does slow a man down and saps the spare energy for keeping fit. I was a lucky one and was able to wear my DJ from 18 to 58 but not now! haha
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19 Sep 11
Congratulations to your friend for becoming a father! Yes now that he is a father he probably does not have the time to exercise and or the continuous dancing. Especially the first year as there is so much to learn and do with the baby. This is a happy time in his life so he is probably enjoying fatherhood much more then his past activities. Oh gosh yes babies do not come with manuals and no matter how much information we research, it is really all trial and error. It is such a joy to have a new baby, and yes we do have to be very careful with a brand new baby, giving the baby a lot of support to their neck and spine while picking them up. With time we do get better at it. It sounds like is is one very proud daddy!