Highschool life the greatest

@deodavid (4150)
September 19, 2011 10:55am CST
I beleive that highschool was the highlight of my studying days, wanna know why because in highschool youre in between young and almost adult so if you do something that only adults are supposed too, it is exciting and wild. But if you are caught in an incident or something that brings you trouble you can play the im still young and stupid card with youre parents, other grown ups and sometimes even the authorities so highschool the best of my school days and most of us do know that a lot goes on in highschool that i cannot mention further but again most of us weve been there, how bout youu guys is highschool the best or the worst?
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• Philippines
21 Sep 11
High school is the best! In high school you can experienced new things that you never experienced before. It is the first time you have crush, experienced a puffy love and many more. I love my high school years, a lot of experienced on it.
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
Highschool and college life are both fun..Problems and trials are always there..But if I will choose the two I would rather choose highschool life it is the best, know why?..because when i was highshool i really enjoy my studies im not so stress, i can hang out with my frieds...and now in college im very busy..i always budget my time..but despite of this I enjoyed my studies and do my very best.:)
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
20 Sep 11
I reckon high school life is so much better than uni or college life. I'm still in high school doing my senior year but I know people in uni who simply hate it. In high school, you're much closer to your friends and your teachers, you've spent like almost 6 years together and high school bond are hard to break. When you're off to university or college, your class timetable is so much different to your friend's and you can't see your high school friends as much. Also, it's hard to become close friends with uni people because your timetable is different. So I reckon high school life is so much better and more relaxing!
@GemmaR (8526)
19 Sep 11
I agree that high school is the best time of your life, but the bad thing is that you just don't see it at the time. When I was at high school, I couldn't think about anything else other than being able to get out of there and get to the next step in my education. The thing is, I realise now that life just isn't as good now as it was then, because there is much more stress now than there was when I was at high school. I wish that I could go back to my carefree life, but unfortunately I know that it isn't something that can be helped really.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
19 Sep 11
For me, not just high school but all my school lives were the greatest. I loved my elementary school times too and jr. high was pretty cool too. I miss them now. School life was probably the best times of my lives. I wish I could go back in time again and relive all those moments.
@akshay7 (415)
• India
19 Sep 11
Highschool and the college days are the most fun if you know how to have fun. You are just opened to the world and you are free. It comes out to be a very exciting world. You do many things for the first time and that brings the thrill in you.
• Philippines
19 Sep 11
if i would be given a chance to go back to one stage of my life, i would really go back to my high school years.. Most especially when I was still on my 3rd year. It was the most unforgettable year of my life. i really miss my old days.. Its getting old but it would always stay in my heart and mind. It was indeed the best thing that ever happened in my life.. :)