live by the truth

September 20, 2011 7:43am CST
A person can make u feel high, a person can make feel low, but only u can decide which way you want to go. A person can hurt u mentally and can hurt u physically but only you can place a limit on your abilities. A person can cause drama and cause a situation but only u can create your reputation. A person can make you laugh and can make you cry, but only u can make decisions 4 ur life. What i'm saying is that when u are living day 2 day, don't live by what people do but live by what u know is true.
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• India
20 Sep 11
you are right my dear friend its very good that you should live by truth because as you copy other people you get hurt much more because you think that person what he has you don't have that is the more hurting situation in life. so live as you are and truly
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
Just be yourself. Just know what is good and true for this is the safest decision you will ever make. I totally agree. :)