Close Friends, Friends, and Acquaintances

United States
September 20, 2011 1:10pm CST
My friends and people I know can be categorized in these 3 sections. I believe that everyone's friends fall into at least one of the 3. At what point do we say that our friend isn't just a friend but a close friend? Is it the amount of time we've shared, the depth of our relationship, or trust? I can easily right now tell who my close friends are and who are just friends. Friends are people that I like very much and we've been through some hard times. Close friends are those that I love and simply can't do anything without them. I don't know when I developed such a relationship with them yet its happened. Would you consider friends that live a long distance a close friend if you haven't met? It's easy to bond over what your saying online but that's only half the preson isn't it. What do we consider our relations over the internet. Because it seems to me that they could turn either way from close friends into complete strangers. What's your experience and take on this?
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@0CoOlGuY0 (103)
• Portugal
20 Sep 11
Of all my friends only 2 of them can i consider close friends!!!To answer your question if you meant if it's possible to consider people that we meet over the web as close friends i believe that it ain't possible(at least it ain't logical!)!!!A close friend , in my opinion, is someone you share some of your life moments and you can't do that with someone you never get to know Phisically if you know what i mean!
• United States
20 Sep 11
Well there are a lot of factors that lead to a close friend. WHat if the person you meet online just happens to understand you more than anyone ever has, or you can share more personal thoughts with, and be able to trust them. Then the final thing that is missing to meet them. In any case they might have already become a close friend they are just long distance. Just as some people are able to work out long distant relationships close friends can be worked out that way too I suppose. But friendship and love are two very similar yet different things.
@marguicha (102314)
• Chile
21 Sep 11
I have very nice Internet friends but I think that I have only had one very close internet friend and it was because some special circumstances were given. In a normal situation, my close friends live or have lived near me and we have shared part of our lives.