Cultures in which supply and forced marriages are on the agenda?

September 20, 2011 2:31pm CST
Even today not all marriages are made out of love. In many cultures are seeing supply and forced marriages on the agenda. Where there are still these forms of marriage?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
22 Sep 11
In all Islamic cultures. Is also practiced in Germany, although prohibited. By the way, interesting article on this subject yesterday "at the World Sunday" in the Where is this topic actually the highly paid human rights commission?
• Indonesia
20 Sep 11
My brother has been married many years ago in a somewhat more prosperous farming family. There was then and is it still really matter if the children and now grandchildren also not the "right" spouse tow (ed). I know of some that they have let fly their "great love"
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
20 Sep 11
You can assume that in most of the people of Earth from the above Reasons to get married. Even in Southern Europe, in all Orthodox countries, in Islam, Hinduism, ind in Asia, Africa is on the agenda! WE here in Central and Northern Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and NZ are the exception, although the individual cases are also here! The rest of the world is very archaic. Inform yourself about the times Hindus! Marriage to 12 or 13 is normal in India!
• Calgary, Alberta
20 Sep 11
Arranged marriages were still practiced in Muslim countries and it's also practiced by rich families in China and Korea. I think arranged marriages between Cousins were also practiced by some of the Pakistani community in England. In some rich families in All, there is arranged marriages when two families that owns companies and they want the companies to merge, arranged marriage is one of their ways.