Relationships ended in a shooting tragedy in a mall... a continuation...

@r3jcorp (1384)
September 20, 2011 11:53pm CST
Sorry for the first one, I accidentally click the start discussion realizing later that I am not yet finished...I wish to delete the 1st one but I don't know how. People had their own reasons for doing it, we don't know what they've gone through or their sufferings from the relationship. The wife in the story was reported to be a battered wife but still the husband had left her for another lady who happens to be pregnant on the time of the shooting. Another sad thing from the incident is that one security officer was also shot dead by the woman and another one injured. The recent shooting incident involves teenager guys, a 13 year old and a 16 year old boy who seems to be in relationship and jealousy might be the reason for doing it. Both were brain dead already, and it is a pity that they gone through with it on a very young age. I think the parents had fault for what happened, they did not know that their child is suffering emotionally and they only learn it when the incident happen. At those age when the parents had a critical role in passing those crazy stage. And the same question for both incident? How come a gun had passed through the supposedly strict scrutiny of the security guards of the mall? And would you want to go to mall after this news?
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