Don't Understand why I can be Violent at Times

@ily12011 (108)
United States
September 21, 2011 8:47pm CST
Today i was perfectly fine, me and my boyfriend were wrestling around and then i tapped him in the face knowing that he hates being hit in the face but still did it. it was not hard or anything and then he slapped me harder then i slapped him then it just went down hill from there cause i got super mad.. and then when he tells me to stop i don't i just keep the fight going on and on. instead of just stopping and walking away or what not .. i don't understand why i am like this, and i definitively don't want to lose him over this.. Its happened before but not this bad. he wont hit me he just tries to stop me from hurting him. and if he does accidentally hurt me i get more mad..i just wish i would stop this. before its to late :( any advice???
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@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
22 Sep 11
Try to avoid hurting him or hitting him. I know it's not easy to control yourself, but you have to do it not to lost your boyfriend. You have/need to help yourself before it is too late. You can also ask your boyfriend to help you with it...that he needs to understand you more and have more patience. have a good day
@ily12011 (108)
• United States
22 Sep 11
Exactly , but im not trying to hurt him. like i said in my last post i think its cause i was attention from him, i have adhd and that is where when he tells me to stop i don't listen i don't think what the outcome of me not stopping will do.. he puts up with a lot im surprised he hasn't knocked me out already lol . But he wont intentionally hit me to hurt me , when i get mad he just tries to get me to stop.. :(