What is the recipe, in order the spirit to trade?

September 22, 2011 12:25am CST
When trading, often faced with various problems, sometimes relax the spirit, that still exist, how to do?
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
22 Sep 11
If you want to be more successful than others, we have no choice, except bekarja with more hard and diligent. Trade can be made as a hobby, but not for leisure. Profits earned should not be spent. These benefits must be used for working capital and investment. Do not complain in front of customers let alone show a negative emotion. Traders must know how to distinguish between private business and trade activities. Both should not be confused. The first failure can not fade spirits. Instead it will make it persistent. If engaged in trading activities, we must set goals for long-term benefit. Repeat customers are given the freedom and exceptional service in getting existing services. Lured new customers with discounts and credit facilities. Art trade requires meticulous precision and not enough if we study his theory only. Trade practices and prosecute someone needs to always be flexible. Merchants must be diligent work, friendly, and make their customers as a brother or at least as close friends. Merchants must have the endurance, mental and spirit strong. Some advantages should be kept to develop trade activities and face the possibility of anything beyond expectations. Some were used for working capital. Traders should not be too rigid. But on the contrary, it is necessary to allow the bargaining process. The money was never used as a barrier. Originally there's a will, there is certainly no solution. Importantly, we must try, resilient, and able to suffer for the hard life. To become a successful trader, they should have to give and get the confidence of its customers. If persistence coupled with strong determination and strengthened with patience, will undoubtedly be a pretty valuable asset for anyone who wants to involve himself in trade. Patience was indeed bitter, but its fruit sweet. Some features that show a person that has the talent to trade; his round face and sweet to the eye, containing the body, forehead bright and spacious and are so passionate about the money. True entrepreneurs and traders never make a place as a reason not to trade. In the field of trade there is no term pain. That there is a rise and do not be afraid of something bitter. Merchants do not need clever and has a sharp mind, that is needed is the courage to face whatever challenges come. It is important for merchants to have thought that dynamic because it can help them see the world trade as a whole and did not set the top in the environment around it. Traders should not say something that is not good when starting a new round of trade. Should be easy to trade places visited, called and searched. Risks and losses in trading can be minimized if the merchant has a strategy to use with the orderly working capital. Traders must not follow what is in his head. Instead they have to follow the behavior, interests, and the tendency of many people and market trends. Deeds of others impose trade deemed unethical and against regulations. Once a name has been damaged, forever people will not trust him anymore. Merchants must have a lasting durability and high morale. They do not easily yield to circumstances, but trying to make the state subject to their will. Capital is not the main determinant of success or failure of a trade. Sometimes very little capital coupled with knowledge of the ins and outs of the steady trade can make a successful trader. It does not matter if the trader is not good at reading or writing. The important thing to count and handle the money.