September 22, 2011 4:04am CST
recently i have been hooked to CHUCK. i laugh out so hard and fall in love with its lead Zachary levi. this series is so nice, being in a world of spies deception, going to amazing places, doing kung fu that you didn't even know how to. having an intercept is great and yes like in CHUCK you are the best spy in the world. i even wonder if spies are real. and how to be one i don't know but i would certainly love to be a spy except for the killing part. like Chuck i would use a stun gun in doing my job and plain old kung fu. what are your thoughs on being a spy and on Chuck? :)
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@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
22 Sep 11
i love this series, too bad the series is almost end. I've heard that Season 5 is the final season of this series. On a real world i never really like something secret specially when it's about goverment, but for a tv show like chuck, spy is an interesting character to watch (and probably to play too..)
• Philippines
22 Sep 11
it is really bad that the series is reaching its end. i really wish that they would change their minds having season 5 to be its last. but i doubt it. i never though about it when it comes to government issues. i agree that the government having to keep so much secrets from its people is nt a bout government at all. but to have spies that will protect the country is awesome but to protect the government from the country is a big joke. hope that there will be a series similar to chuck.