What are the benefits when you are less to talk while work?

September 22, 2011 4:57am CST
Nothing to be alone ,but you have to use it in right way..'Like example you want to work,and you need to be alone so you can do and focus on your work.. Share with me..friends..
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@fantabulus (4005)
• India
22 Sep 11
Hey befriend I feel happy my efforts are working you know why I am telling this.. Yes lots of benefit of less talking while doing work, work should be fast and proper.. we can concentrate on our work no mistake is in work.. I am not talkative women but funny women so I not talked when I was doing work
@atleya (947)
• Indonesia
26 Sep 11
It is a good suggestion @fantabulus. I agree with you, less talk while doing work. Have a nice day.
• Philippines
22 Sep 11
Some says, less talk less mistake! Less is more. But sometimes less talk means you know nothing. So it's hard to tell cause everyone is unique. Just focus in your work and don't mind them. Happy my lotting pal!
• Philippines
22 Sep 11
Really..Less talk ,less mistakes.. but if more talk, you do a lots of unwanted talks!Once a person are talker,she/he will not stop but keep talking!Now i am to avoid to entertain friends if online working..because that is what i am wanting to do..
• United States
23 Sep 11
I am the type of person that really likes to pay attention to detail so I can't really focus if I am being spoken to and or talking while "working". So yes I find that I can't even answer the phone and work at the same time. Although I am good at multitasking somehow while really trying to focus I tend to go slower as I have to concentrate double the amount.