What we have to offer in a relationship?

@didi13 (2927)
September 22, 2011 7:49am CST
What we have to offer in a relationship? What matters most of the things we give our partners? I believe in love, in honor, in fidelity. I believe in shared smile and thoughts on the same wavelength. I think the serene gaze, directed towards the same future. I believe in tenderness and power to understand the world the same way. And I'm proud deny some who believe that muscles, long legs, silicone breasts or waist (and forehead) are narrow offers that ought to weigh in durability, in splendor, the greatness of love.
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@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
22 Sep 11
What we can offer in a relationship mostly love in turn. must be sincerely and much love to give in a relationship. relations are something important something beautiful and true. but already in a relationship must have to love that everything is nice and pleasant. nice day!
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
22 Sep 11
The only thing that you must not give a person is disappointment. It is hard to recover from a disappointment. Much-needed honesty, modesty and purity of heart are basic elements that need to offer another person. But most important is the respect that should you have one next to you. Thanks for response.
@inertia4 (27792)
• United States
28 Sep 11
I believe that the two people in a relationship should be totally compatible. In addition to that, there should be the main ingredient, Trust. Without trust there is no relationship. Yes, you need love, honor and everything else, but trust is the glue that binds it all together.
@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
i think trust each other when you love someone, you must believe him or her...don`t jealous too much...
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
22 Sep 11
In relationships, I offer, patience, dedication, and willingness. In the past, I am so confident, dedicated, love. But it turns out, love does not mean anything. Because, the relationship still not working, just by, offering love.
• Bangladesh
22 Sep 11
True love is the blessing of God.We have to offer our partner a true love.He/she deserves true love.In sound relationship,we should have good understanding and trust.We should trust our partner and should be caring at all the time.Trust and good understanding can bring a good result in relationship.
• Philippines
22 Sep 11
This is a very good questions didi13! Since some usually ask what they can get out of a relationship. It is not so much on how much we get from a relationship but how much we can offer in a relationship. I am very blessed every time I think of my husband. Before I met him I had several relationship that ended. Maybe because I was very young then and I have many priorities in life then. Or maybe because I never felt true love until I met my husband. I love my husband very much and I offer my whole being to him. He is a part of me for he is my better half. I can never be whole without him. He is my best friend and my soul mate. I offer him my unconditional love and loyalty. I will always be beside him through ups and down. And no matter what happens, I will always support him and be his partner in bringing up our two daughters.