How do you comment?

@didi13 (2927)
September 23, 2011 5:53am CST
"Good ideas come from experience and experience comes most from bad ideas." How do you comment?
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@inertia4 (27799)
• United States
28 Sep 11
I comment based on what the topic is. If it is interesting to me and I have something to add to it, then I comment. Ideas in my opinion do not come with experience, they come with knowledge. Experience is something we earn as we go through life. Life itself is an experience.
26 Sep 11
you are correct. the biggest success comes in our life only after the huge failure. this is the statement which have been told by many of the successful leaders and business professionals. before two months i was facing so many failures in my business but today i am getting well and going in the path of success.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
23 Sep 11
Most of my comments comes up on subjective or based on the topic and from my view on the topic. Experience is again an acceptable method of responding. As long as experience has its influence on people, the comments based on experience has higher values as well. Still, most of my discussions would be stressing on my thoughts and concepts about the topic. Thank-s