Do you think diversity is a good and bad thing?

September 23, 2011 8:07am CST
I think diversity is a good and bad thing? It's good because variety makes the world different and interesting. On the other hand,it leads to discrimination.t's also good because it will increase your knowledge of other parts of the world and make you see the world from different perspectives. What do you think? Is diversity good or bad? I find it extremely hard to give one answer to this, because there's obviously not one answer
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@rqlutz (59)
• India
23 Sep 11
Hi sheetal2900 i think it is a good thing because many people of different backgrounds would come together and the mingle. This way people would get to know each other and they would know the different backgrounds and cultures. Also many people would understand each and this would reduce discrimination because everyone would see they are no different from the other person.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
23 Sep 11
I don't agree diversity is a 'thing' at all, it is a natural mixture of different culture, tradition, background, language and people that we human being face with every day. It is beneficial to our human existence since we can learn something new from each other differences and varieties in our search for knowledge and truth. The present of diversity also make our world a lot interesting place to live and explore than just a homogenous world where boredom is the way of life.
• Bangalore, India
23 Sep 11
I think variety makes our life better and avoid getting bored!Also it will helpful when you get tired with your same kind day to day routine.