How would you know if it is love or lust at first meet having secs?

@kearkear (259)
September 23, 2011 10:40am CST
Definitely for me, it's lust. I don't think so if really love. We must admit, we look first on physical aspects before we look in the inner aspects.
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• China
26 Sep 11
I dont believe you will love someone just glance for a while,if you really do so i think it must more to be a lust than love.Because love must be builded up for a span of time which means it must be test by time or experience.
@kry893 (222)
• Canada
24 Sep 11
It is most probably 'like', but that's only my opinion. 'Like' because it's a first meeting and you will not know the other person very well to define it as 'love'. It'd be you probably enjoy how that person expresses her/himself and the way they talk to you.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 11
Actually I don't really like to separate love and lust. Because there are several people that blame these when they are breaking their relationship. For example, someone got break up or even divorce, and then they said, "Now I know I am not truly love her. It is just a lust." In my view, I just separate it between "responsible love" and "irresponsible love". The example above is an example of irresponsible love. And the perfect example of responsible love is on the marriage. When they are already have commitment. They are being bonded by the sanctity of marriage while people around them fully aware about their relationship now. They are no longer think about "Do this person is the right one for me?" or "Do I really love her, or it is just lust?". Instead of that, they just trying to respect each other, and each other want to make their companion happy. Later, with their love, they will build a great family that is being founded by their responsible love..
• India
23 Sep 11
Hi kearkear I think to know if its love or if its lust there is one simple test. Try staying away from here or him for one to two days and after two days. go to talk to her If you feel happiness then its surely love o\w if you get any other feeling then its surely attraction. But sometimes this test fail then again a task you can do is that just go to talk to her If you think much of how you would talk to her and you are scared of thinking of what you will talk to her then its love or if it is just some general talk then it is not love its lust. I am experienced so saying it.