i'm single

United States
September 23, 2011 9:30pm CST
I'm single but there for some reason comes a time when I think of calling a ex lover or boyfriend of mine to just have a body next to me... have you ever just sat back and thought about the good times you had with that person but at the same time you feel like breaking up was the best thing that ever happened. the question is do you miss that one person that made you feel good ... even though it's over?
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• United States
26 Sep 11
Yes I have thought that, and have done it. Generally it brings up a wealth of emotions and it for me is harder than just breaking the ties right away. I don't know. I guess some people can handle having the ex come around every once in a while. For me, especially if I really cared about him, I should just stay away because it just makes me sad.
• Philippines
24 Sep 11
Hi.. I think you remember you ex because you are single. But if you have a boyfriend now I'm sure you will not miss them a lot. I don't feel any regret of those past relationship that are now ended. But i looked them as an addition to my experience that someday I will tell it to my future grandsons and granddaughters or a good memory once I get old. By the way.. what's wrong of being single? You know sometimes, how I wish to become single again.. I missed being single..though afraid to break up with my boyfriend.. Nice day!
• United States
24 Sep 11
I don't regret breaking up with any of my ex's. They are my ex's for a reason and I would never go back to them. I am now engaged and happier than I've ever been. All my ex's used me or cheated and it wasn't worth it. If you're lonely then go out looking for someone. I would never turn to my ex's even if I was single because I have to remember that things didn't work out for whatever reason. If you're wanting a relationship then just go out and talk and meet people and you might hit it off with someone. Good Luck!