Do you modify your pc very often ?

September 24, 2011 5:59am CST
Do you like to modify your pc with new parts time to time to co-op with new graphics to play new games.
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@wowash95 (81)
24 Sep 11
I think i like modifying my computer. It`s good to have a spare GB of RAM. About the games, I try to keep up with newcomming ones, which requires constant PC upgrades since the quality in gaming is increasing from day to day.
• India
24 Sep 11
Yes you are right because we need constant modification to play upcoming games. I have also overcloaked my processor and ram so that it runs fast.
• Philippines
11 Nov 11
This actually depends on my need. Sometimes I upgrade if I need something like speed or space. RAM is always a good upgrade and I always try to increase mine if the higher specs go on sale, I also just bought a third hard drive and a new power supply so that all the upgrades would go smoothly. I'm also planning to get an SSD for my computer but its still all in planning now.
• United States
9 Oct 11
I donn't modify my computer because what I mainly use is a laptop.
@Unw0rthy (44)
• Canada
3 Oct 11
I do like to modify my pc very often. There are so many games and programs that are too much for my pc to handle. My desktop wasn't working that well so I went out and purchased all new parts except I kept the original tower(shell). I put a new 6 core processor inside with a new 4oo series graphics card to try and keep up with games. I went to play the new battlefield 3 beta and it wants a 500 series graphics card. It is always something and you have to keep up with it. As for my laptop, it is pretty much stuck with the specs I have now. There is no point in upgrading the ram because it already has 4gb. What I did do though was turn down the graphics settings so that it could run some games without overheating. The game did not look too fancy but they still worked on my computer. Some programs that you should use to keep your computer working fresh are Ccleaner and Malwarebytes.
@KING23 (26)
• Philippines
24 Sep 11
I just modify my computer if it is needed badly,because some programs has a very high specifications regarding to their requirements.Modifying your computer is very expensive especially if you try to meet certain specification in the latest computer in the market.
• Philippines
24 Sep 11
The only modification I do on my laptop is modifying its system files, like disabling those unused services or cleaning up the registry. If I ever set-up a new PC again, I would plan it that I would be able to upgrade it to at least three years worth of new technology.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
24 Sep 11
I use to do that until I realized that my computer was really old and there's no point in enhancing it, better off just buying a new computer. I have reformatted my computer several times and after a while it just becomes laggy and slow again. I can't really play games on and it and the more I try to update my computers with new programs, the slower it gets. So I rather just keep my old stuff, less programs for the computer to run as my computer is such an old grandpa.