Rich or Smart?

September 24, 2011 10:09am CST
Sometimes I ask myself is it better to be smart or rich. I keep thinking about it every day. It`s good to be smart because your life is basicaly easier if you know things, anyhow life can be hard without having any money. But I think money isn`t key to the happyness, But I think you really need it. I guess the best thing is to be rich, and smart! What do you think?
4 responses
@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
24 Sep 11
I guess it is best to be smart because by being smart you can find plenty of ways to become rich. If you are just rich you may end up losing money after some time if you do not use it properly and shrewdly.
24 Sep 11
I agree with you, it`s good being smart, but it`s good being rich too. Those people who have low intelligence to call it that way, and are rich, Don`t know how to invest money properly so they don`t actually loose everything they`ve got. Most of rich people end up without nothing because they never tought about doing something intelligent with their money.
@lou_is (668)
• India
24 Sep 11
Friend one thing i want to tell you that if you are quite smart then you can earn money and you will become rich very soon but if you are all ready rich and you don't know how to utilize it and how to control it then its really of waste. First be smart and then get rich soon.
@Matpunk85 (1066)
• Italy
24 Sep 11
To be rich and smart in the same time is of course the best thing! If I must choose I'm for being smart. If you are smart you can live in the better way cause you succeed in solving problems. Anyway smart peoples can use their skills to earn a sufficient amount of money to live a good life.
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
24 Sep 11
If I can choose both, I will! But if I can only choose either one, then I will choose to be rich. Being smart cannot bring you the pleasures of life. Being smart doesn't mean that you will get a good job. Being smart cannot ensure your well-being. On the other hand, being rich can definitely bring you the pleasures of life. Being rich, you can be your own boss and you won't need to look for a job (or put up with your boss or co-workers). Being rich, you don't need to worry abt your basic needs. Being rich, your well-being -- emotional/mental as well as physical well-being -- is enhanced. You can buy all kinds of supplements, etc. You don't need to feel stressed abt money matters. Prolonged stress, as we know, can cause one's health to suffer. Hence, being rich is a more attractive option.