Dog, Man`s best friend!

Siberian Haski - In this photo you can see a very cute dog that uses to live with people in extremely cold areas. Their fur can provide them warmness. Anyhow it`s soft when you pat them :D
September 24, 2011 10:34am CST
Most of the people see dogs dialy. Some of them own a dog as a house pet. Some people hold up even big number of dogs. The thing Is, Dog shouldn`t be understood just as an animal, because truely it can be man`s best friend. Isn`t it sweet when you`re sad, your dog comes to you pating you with his cute head. Why best friend? Because your dog knows when you`re sad, tries to cheer you up, tries to make some fun when you`re bored. He`s always there for you, so you better be there for him! Anyone else have a dog as house pet or simular? Can your dog understand your feelings?
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@Judy890 (1633)
• United States
25 Sep 11
I have a dog she is so sweet when I come home she jumps on me and starts licking me. She knows I love her and I know she love mes too because of the way she reacts after not seeing me for the whole day when I'm working.
25 Sep 11
So sweet to hear you have a cute dog. Mine likes jumping over me too, since it`s a bit huge, it`s like bear is on me :D Aww I like when he licks me , even some people consider it not nice. It`s good to love your dog because your dog will always love you back. When you`re on the job whole day, your dog misses you soo much that it starts going crazy when it sees you later :D Anyhow greetings for you dog :)