have you ever met some who is a bookish without the ability to socialize

September 24, 2011 11:57pm CST
in china, people in college are comparatiblely receive a less pressure from both teacher and parent, they can pass the course easily if they left a good impression upon teacher. but some one are still nailed to their chairs for study, so that they no time to socialize with some one else. what about your guys?
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@kry893 (222)
• Canada
28 Sep 11
No, I don't think I have but there was a guy that my friend knew who was a bookworm and he would never had time to socialize. He was smart though but didn't have alot of friends. Eventually, after a long time, friends found out that he got married and they were surprised because they didn't think he could. Well, I guess, never really judge others just because we may think they're abit different.
@totor_53 (223)
• Philippines
27 Sep 11
Well i haven't met one yet in our country but i believe that it is never impossible to meet such kind of people. This type of people are those who are usually being bullied at school or those who have low self-esteem. Being such, they tend to somewhat release their feelings by relating it to a certain idea or situation which they tend to find by reading a book.
• India
25 Sep 11
ya ofcourse i have met many. They'll be very studious and don't know to even talk publicly. They just show offs and don't have an ability to think. I hate such personalities.
• Indonesia
25 Sep 11
hi wangziyuan0709 i never meet someone like that. but i knew the man: me. hehehehehe wanna be my friend?
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
25 Sep 11
yes i've met several of them. maybe i'm one of them in some level, because when i'm in college if i'm studying then i really forget to socialize, but if one of my friends can convince me to go out to do some fun then i totally forget about studying... some of my college test i've done without studying and some of the test i've done with a week of preparation before the test.