Government Decreases the Budget for Education

September 26, 2011 9:40am CST
Infact, our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal stated that "The youth is the hope of our country." but what happened to our present administration? In my opinion, giving enough fund for education should be prioritize because it is a good investment. If majority have their diploma they are given a chance to have a work and become professionals this will lead us to be globally competitive and initiate progress to our nation. That is the answer for poverty. But all of these are non sense if you don't have determination, perseverance and will to suceed.
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@lampar (7597)
• United States
27 Sep 11
Education is an essential factor for a nation to progress and advance, it is always seen as a long term natinonal investment from a visionary leader perspective, but too many time in developing countries, the spending on education is not forthcoming due to lousy domestic politic at play that is lacking of a visionary leader to lead the country, or sometime due to the lack of fund in a poor country. Ocassionally some politicians are more interested in leading an uneducated populace for easy manupulation instead of preparing his nation for long haul to rise up in world stage, the communist find that out long time ago it is a lot easier to control uneducated population of bourgeois and peasants than educated one especially during chairman Mao era.