Are you a vegetarian or non vegetarian? what advantage you think by it?

@mohkanari (1957)
September 26, 2011 9:47am CST
Human beings are normally non vegetarians. But,there are so many people who live as pure vegetarians.There are advantages and disadvantages for both styles.Which is more apt to the nature of human body as well as mind? Which is better for good health?
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@singuri (571)
• India
29 Sep 11
I am a non-vegetarian but i have stopped eating non-veg from past 6 months so i am well experienced about both veg and non-veg.We can find different vitamins and calories in different food.My experience i saw that in veg we can get good amount of vitamins but when it come to non veg more amount of fat is present that which is not that much good for our health.But i suggest to eat fish which is useful and required for our body.
• United States
26 Sep 11
I am not a vegetarian. I dont think it is good to eat as a vegetarian. Growing up i had a couple friends that were a vegetarian and i thought it was so weird. I think we all need the proteins that are in meat to stay healthy and living as well. I think that vegetarians must get sick alot because there not getting the right vitamins and proteins they need to survive and live a healthy life. I think its better to eat meat and also your vegetables as well to get all the necessary things you need to survive.
@oldchem1 (8144)
26 Sep 11
Personally I am not a vegetarian although I often eat vegetarian foods as they are far lower in fats. I think that being a vegan must be very difficult as they eat or drink nothing that has come from a fish or animal, including milk and eggs. However it is possible to eat healthily by eating a wide range of beans, wheat, cereals and fruits and vegetables.myself I enjoy a slice of bacon or nice steak too much to be a vegetarian!
• Malaysia
26 Sep 11
i am non vegetarian. By choice i dont eat some red meats. And at times i am vegetarian for 1 or 2 months in a stretch ....
26 Sep 11
I think human being shold eat everying are good to our body.