Domestic Violence, a terrible thing

September 26, 2011 10:00am CST
Recently, Li Yang, a famous chinese person who created the Crazy English has been involved in an incident of domestic violence. Her foreign wife Kim posted some photos in twitter, which showed her injories caused by Li Yang in the family violence. Subsequently, these photos were transponded by thousands of net friends and resulted in an outcry in publics. The incident above brought public concern about domestic violence in China. Well, what do you think of it? Have you ever experienced the family violence and how do you deal with it? Li Yang said that the domestic violence exist in almost every coutry and every family. The diffirence is the exstent of the seriousness. Thus, I want to know how is the situation of the domestic violence in other contries. Many thanks.
3 responses
@mentalward (14695)
• United States
26 Sep 11
Domestic violence does exist in every country but does NOT exist in every family! Li Yang is simply trying to justify his horrible actions by saying that. People who are guilty of something bad will always accuse others of doing the same in order to feel better about their own actions. Well, he's wrong. Violence is nowhere near being in every family. It exists in far too many families, to be sure, but not all, not even half. I hope that it will be uncovered and eradicated in every dysfunctional family around the world.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
26 Sep 11
Yes, several cases of domestic violence had been reported on my country. But it doesn't mean it exists on every family. I believe every societies have culprits inside it. But not all people in a society are culprit. And seriously, we can't justify to do a bad thing just because another people also do it..
@gurujee (216)
• India
26 Sep 11
Domestic violence is everywhere in one form or the other. But in developing countries like India domestic violence is a reality. In societies in which women resign themselves to their fate, this shoddy treatment will continue. Men should stop treating women as a commodity that can be used as they please.