Do you complete optional stuff in games?

United States
September 26, 2011 3:38pm CST
I was just wondering what your thoughts are on optional quests and whatnot in games like are you the person that completes it no matter what or do you just ignore it? For me, it depends. If the optional stuff adds more to the story, gives items of use, isn't out of my way and isn't something that will take months to complete then I will do it. Like if you can beat the game with your end characters being around level 60-70 and there's a optional quest where you need to be level 300 (Yes I have played a few games like this)then that just seems ridiculous to do. Getting to level 60-70 took long enough. Trying to get to 300 is just crazy in my opinion. Also some side quests give you crazy awesome gear but you can only do the quest after you've beaten the game that seems useless to me. I just beat the game, there's no point in sweating over gear that I can never use because I've already beaten the game. There's nothing else to do unless there's more side quests after it. For me it boils down to if the optional stuff makes sense. If it seems like a waste then I won't do it.
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• Japan
26 Sep 11
Optional quests? I like optional quests! They are sort of like a break to the norm, and that's what makes them cool. Well, if - like you said - there's an optional quest for which you need to be level 1337 or something to be, that would be something so damn ridiculous that I would not try and level up as soon as possible. Right then would be one of the times when I would not bother to do it until I reach that incredible level and have some time on my hands.
• United States
27 Sep 11
Usually the ones where you need to be a really high level I skip unless gaining levels are easier or I find some trick. I beat the game at level 65 but then the side quest you need to be level 1000 just seems too far off. If it was lower like 150 I may attempt it but 1000 just doesn't seem worth the work. I usually don't have that kind of time and when I do, I'd rather being doing something else than spending hours grinding.
• United States
1 May 12
On occassion I will complete the optional stuff in games. With trophies and achievements this generation of gaming, they have given you a little more incentitive with completeting the optional stuff. So it makes it a little more worthwhile. I sometimes did complete the other optional stuff in older games as well.
• Indonesia
3 Oct 11
I love playing games with a lot of side quests. I play Suikoden II and try my best to complete all of the optional quest. To complete them I play this game again and again. Or, in Fire Emblem, I tried to open all of the character's conversation by putting them side by side. Of course, I have to replay the game several times. Wasting time? I don't think so. I have fun ^_^.
• Bosnia And Herzegovina
27 Sep 11
If I like the game and the story of the game then most time I do the side quests. for example: when i played long tim ago War Craft, i have done all qouest, no mater main or side quests, but that was a good game to.