Who is your favourite basketball player in NBA?

September 27, 2011 12:54am CST
Hi everyone.Who is your favourite basketball player in NBA? My favourite basketball player is kobe Bryant.Because l am usually playing basketball with my friends in campus.I started wacthing NBV when i was a primary school student.And When i turned on the TV,the first player who poped into my eyes was Kobe Bryant.From then on,i was so addicted to him. So who is your favourite NBA player?
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• Philippines
14 Oct 11
during my childhood years I used to like Allen Iverson because of his witty ball-handling and crafty playing skills considering his size but when the year 1998 came- the year kobe bryant was a rookie and saw him on that year's slam dunk competition winning landslide over his counterparts with that very eccentric dunk trick, and since that I am big Kobe Bryant fan up to this moment. But I have to admit that I am beginning to like Derrick Rose now.
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
i have more than 1 favorite NBA player.;-) i like Ray Allen cause he's an awesome 3-pointer, running from the half court and stopping at 3-point lane in less than a second and shooting it straight to the basket. i can't help saying "wow!" everytime i see him do his thing. i also like Derick Rose cause when he gets the ball, he drives like crazy right in the center with all the offensive team in front of him then lay-ups right under the ring. everytime he does that, i really watch out for the replay of that shot.;-) i newly like Dirk Nowitzky cause he's a good shooter in his fade-away move. when i was watching the NBA this year, i really watched out for his fade-away moves.;-)
@ewinLL (16)
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
For me, i'm always a fan of Dwayne Wade because of his ability of slashing to the court. His cross-over is really awesome. I think this year the championship will go to the Miami Heat.
@Tmulley (91)
• United States
3 Oct 11
I would have to say DIRK NOWITZKI...of corse!!! I am near Dallas, Tx (in Arlington) home of the 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS :) I am a die hard fan ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! I watched the Mavs back when I was in school but Dirk caught my eye when I saw his true talent and his love 4 the game!!! I grew up watching Michael Jordan like mostly everyone else but I knew Dirk had something special. It was a long road he traveled but I watched the team rise and fall and it felt great seeing him finally hold that trophy in his hands this year. He deserved every moment of that win (and so did the MAVS!)DIRK will always be "my MVP"