Have you been in Brighton, UK?

@sblossom (2170)
September 27, 2011 10:27pm CST
Now I'm on holiday in China. Three months later I will back to the United Kingdom. One of my friend suggested me to Brighton. I have been in Brighton once in my life, but it didn't give me strong impression. I would like to get more info from my friends on mylot. Any information is welcomed. Also if i do move to brighton I hope to meet some friends from mylot site.
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@Humbug25 (12551)
30 Sep 11
Hi there sblossom I live in the South West of England and don't know Brighton very well at all I am afraid. I think I have been there just once in my life, for about an hour and was about 20 odd years ago. I do hope you have a great time there and make many friends
@sblossom (2170)
7 Oct 11
Thanks for your answer, Humbug. it doesn't matter. i will continue to search information about brighton, I will aslo search other places, such as Rye and hastings. I have been in Devon for a week. I really love it. I think Devon is in a part of south west of England. If I have close friend in Devon I would like to visit or live there again.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
28 Sep 11
Brighton is one hour by fast train from London. It is situated on the South Coast of Sussex. There is a good university there and many students love living there. It is a city or a large town with a railway station in walking distance to the sea. I used to go there a lot when I lived in the county of Kent next door to Sussex. I went to the Lanes which is a narrow bit of the old town. I liked the pebbly beach. I much preferred Rye and Hastings. Rye is a historical and picturesque town a few miles from the sea. It has many old cottages and the River Rother. It has a charming old town square with a church tower I have very much enjoyed climbing. I often dreamed of moving to Rye and applied for a teaching job there but I didn't get it. Hastings is a fun sort of seaside town and it has a pebbly beach. It has cliff railways that I adore one goes to an old castle and the other goes to a countryside park that has gorgeous views. Wow! So what I am saying is there are nicer places than Brighton in Sussex like Rye and Hastings.
@sblossom (2170)
4 Oct 11
Thank you very much for your info. I have passed Rye a couple of times but never stop to have a good look. Your introduction made me very interested in Rye. When I come back to the UK I would like to have a look. I have been in the battle of Abbey in hastings. That was a good trip. I like hastings too. Compared to Rye and Hastings I feel Brighton is a little bigger and more chance for work. However I'm not very sure about it.
@ckciasigurl (1713)
• Vienna, Austria
28 Sep 11
hi sblossom! i didn't go to brighton UK mabe someday ill try to go there :) and have some vication to see the place with my friends , and boyfriend.
@sblossom (2170)
1 Oct 11
Brighton is a famous seaside city in the UK. Some people even call it a seaside london. I have been there a couple of times, but I didn't spend long time. So I can't remember the city very well. My friend found a house for me, which is located 1.5 miles away from the pier. I don't know if I should take the offer as the rent money per month is about 600 pound. It's not small money for me.