Pets for Food

September 28, 2011 8:26am CST
When i was young, we used to have a small piggery and we also had chickens and goats. I have grown attached to one of the chickens as she is pure white. In fact, i even named her Snow White. Time came and father has decided to slaughter Snow White! Oh no! Not my chicken baby! Of course i couldnt stand having my favorite chicken slaughtered for our dinner. Father didnt mind still as this is the fate of chickens. I got sad and refused to talk to my father for 2 months. Anyway, everybody grows and i have outgrown from that sadness. Father gave me a golden carp as pet as peace offering. Anyways, have you ever had your pet as food? What did you feel back then?
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• Philippines
29 Sep 11
Yes, when I was at elementary, we had this goat. My parents brought it while she was still young and was intended to be slaughtered for my brother's upcoming birthday months later. We, kids got attached to the goat as we were the ones assigned to feed it. When times comes, we all objected towards slaughtering it. In fact, my kid brother stated that he did not mind not having any preparation for his birthday as long as the goat remain alive! my father ended up loaning the goat to his friend. Months later, the goat got pregnant and produced 3 youngs, or goatlings, whatever the term is!
• United States
28 Sep 11
Oh no, personally if I were in that situation I don't think I would've been able to eat that chicken. Knowing I probably would've skipped dinner while the chicken was being served and had something else instead. I could imagine how dramatic that experience must've been.
• United States
28 Sep 11
I had a rabbit and loved it so much! We played with it and talked to it and cared for it. Then the time came to make rabbit stew. I was heartbroken. Of course, I did not eat dinner that night. I could not eat my poor pet!