men suffers more heart attack than women

September 28, 2011 5:45pm CST
recent study shows that the statistics of those who suffers heart attack and similar problem is frequent with men than women..this health status is so much attributed to kind of lifestyle and the individual regards of ones health condition..stressful lifestyle,kind of diet,stationary living,lack of exercise and over indulgence to alcohol,smoking and similar health hazard vices contribute much to thus dilemma on why men is prone to heart related diseases..can you please add something that can add info about this issue as well as your reaction about this issue.
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@Informer (803)
• India
30 Sep 11
Hi Friend, I agree that men suffer lot of heart attack than women. Because women easily shed tears and get rid of some tension but, you can call it ego or strongness men do not shed tears easily and harm them. There are so many other medical reasons also behind it.
@r03249 (357)
• Philippines
30 Sep 11
Yes, more men are prone to heart attack than women do but this is because women are still menstruating. Estrogen helps women's body generate good cholesterol which is good for our heart but once a woman is menopausal, there will be equal chances between men and women experiencing a heart attack. And plus the fact men have more vices than women do.