Afraid to Die

@pogi253 (1587)
September 29, 2011 12:44am CST
Various people fright death because it is merely inexplicable what happens. Some fear losing their skills, properties, affairs and such. Some fear they have not able their life's mission and decline to die and fear that ultimate moment in a state of remorse as well. Some people do not fright death because it is can be said that it is senseless to fear death. Why fear the inescapable? Others may see death as a freedom; say if they are dying of a cancer that is disturbing their body. And hitherto others may view it as an escape from the chains of human restraint and freedom to a reincarnation into higher experience of presence. We do not identify what death is and thus an appropriate human reaction is fear. Religion with its forgiveness's eases this fear in giving a view of what is to come after death. The eternal life as it was.
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• Philippines
1 Oct 11
when our eldest is still 8years old, my wife got RPGN. it was a sad days for all of us. everyone in the family is afraid that one day, my wife ( their mom ) will die. the doctor gave us remedies like chemo therapy and lots of medicine. then God gave me an idea...i remember a doctor who combine his treatment with natural remedies and we went to him. now, my wife is still alive! yes...i am afraid my wife will die but God said, "not now"