problem at workplace

September 29, 2011 1:22am CST
I have a problem to tell you, the story is about new company's policy at my work place. Indeed, this story is very personal. Since, this problem involves company issues and the only thing i needed to know your say of this problem. The story starts from an expatriate worker who work in my place of work. He is the new manager now and he was not Indonesian. Personally, I really appreciate him but some of my friend in the place of work do not like him and his new policy as well. To me, new policy is not problem as long as it leads to better company and better future. In short, because of disagreements with the new policy between him and some employees. Finally, he fired or dismissed some employee or staff and many staff have to lose their job because the issues. What I wanted to know if there is a way to overcome this problem. Who was right or wrong with this case ? Thank you
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@Ag1220 (12)
• United States
30 Sep 11
I'm a busboy in a restaurant where I work picking up plates and getting people water as they walk in. Once they eat I take their dirty plates and clean the tables when they leave. The bad part is everyone looks at me and talks to me like I'm a Mexican immigrant that doesn't speak english. On top of that the waitresses are a nightmare, they bark orders at me all night longnwith no please or thank you. I do it all for 4 dollars an hour plus a little in tips.
• Indonesia
1 Oct 11
I don't know why others are not friendly or do not appreciate the works of others. Perhaps, those people who refuse to understand that we are not dependent on them. Well anyway, thanks for commenting and welcome to mylot.