visiting a haunted hotel in auckland

New Zealand
September 29, 2011 3:11pm CST
My niece and spent a weekend in Auckland it was her very first time there. We were so excited. we got to the hotel around 7pm. anyway the guy behind the desk said we were on floor 13 and in room 07. my niece said u have a floor 13? anyway we got on the lift and its the most slowest lift ive ever been on. would of been faster walking the stairs to the floor blind folded. We get to the floor and its got a very icy cold chilly feeling that made us shiver and there was a icy frosty look on the elevator door. The hallway was so dark to the room. We got in the room there was a really stink dead smell also there was a double bed, we did ask for a twin bedroom, but anyway we let that go. We got in bed and realized there was 3 sheets and only one single bed blanket. well my niece was fuming and took off get a proper blanket. she came back with a brand new double blanket and a pink blanket that had hairs on it ewww I thru that on the floor.I had a throbbing headache. The next day my niece saw dried up blood on the carpet and walls and on the balcony and also her side of the bed was broken. She took off and brought the Manager to the room. He saw the blood stains and moved us to another room and gave us a free breakfast. we are never going back there again ever!!! We complained about it and the Manager said it was coffee stains, what a liar!!
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