canon or nikon??

September 30, 2011 6:43am CST
I am planning to buy a digital camera this coming december as a christms gift to myself... though i have always wanted to have a DSLR... as i am a little short budget, that's why i planned to settle on the affordable one... As i was browsing the net one day, i came to see this very colorful digicam from nikon.. it really caught my eye! i also knew that nikon takes good photos that's why i want it more.. but i am now confused as i originally want canon.. they also have this colorful models that i really like but it's more expensive.. it seems that i cannot afford it as of this year.. so should i go for nikon or wait until i can already afford canon??
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12 Nov 11
This all depends do you want the camera now or are you willing to wait for the cannon. My cannon is great I love the features and I use it allot they are pretty durable too. This is great if you like nature photo's outdoors like I do. I would wait for the cannon but that's just me. Another camera will work well too and then later you could upgrade to the cannon is always another option as well. Thanks,A.B.