Ancient alien theory

@Ag1220 (12)
United States
September 30, 2011 9:26am CST
Lately I've been watching a lot of documentaries on UFO's and I learned about the ancient alien theory which suggests aliens cames down and gave humans the gift of knowledge by some means. This seems like it could be possible because how else could humans be so much more advanced than animals. If humans went through evolution to get to where we are today then why aren't monkeys doing things like making buildings and a civilization? What do you think?
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30 Sep 11
i have an education in biology so i believe in evolution. but i also believe in ghosts and aliens as there is nothing to prove other wisw so far...monkeys and apes have to ablilty to make tools like very early humans...they use sticks and stones like they survive another million years they might be mking buildings also like us for other life forms there is no reason why another planet has not gone through something similar to what has happened here on earth so and have animals and species living there we just have not found it yet.
30 Sep 11
with the wonder of television and the media it is possibly evolution occurring before our very eyes and some animals as dying out and with climate change occurring also the difference now is that we understand what is happening.....
30 Sep 11
lol one final thought....i love this...i could go on all day arguing for evolution....i am also a believer in God and the bible as that is how i was brought up so i have much conflict in my mind lol ...but many centuries ago we did not have the understanding and knowledge we do today...however there are certain things in science and life that are sooo detailed and intricate in the structure of DNA and proteins and they work in such a definate organised way how can it possibly just be an accident?...bye i will shush now xxx
• Romania
1 Oct 11
I used to think that this was a far-fetched idea, but after watching some documentaries on this theme, it seems improbable to me that we are alone in the universe. I believe that life is present on other planets as well, in more advanced forms than here, on Earth. Monkeys don't have the necesary intelligence to create such things, because they evolve much slower than humans. I don't know what could be the reason for that.
• India
1 Oct 11
The ancient civilizations were more advanced then what we are now. Due to invasion and massacre on the lands where the the secrets of the ancient world evolved; the secrets got buried. They had immense knowledge because they used to think...we don't think as we just rely on machines. This was an interesting topic - please post more such discussions.
@whatrow (793)
• United States
30 Sep 11
It sounds hard to believe. But, after you have travelled and seen upclose the pyramids and some great estates and other wonders, you begin to think that maybe it could have happened. There is no other way to explain the creation of such magnificance by humans who lacked the knowledge and technical skill that we have.
@DiaJ88 (170)
• Singapore
30 Sep 11
Hi Ag1220. I do not believe in aliens giving human knowledge. After all, till today we have no clear evidence to proof that aliens do exist in the world. Animals are given the ability to have a certain knowledge that they should know. Human are gifted with knowledge and ability to think and weigh situations. i don't believe in evolution either. If we do evolve, then there wouldn't be any more apes or monkeys in the world. And for centuries, human still looks the same till today. If UFO's really visit Earth million years back and communicate with human back then, then why hasn't it visit Earth today and continue to communicate with us?
@topffer (36018)
• Svalbard And Jan Mayen
30 Sep 11
Hello Ag1220 and welcome to myLot ! Monkeys are living in a very organized society, and have a sense of justice and solidarity : maybe are they wiser than humans -- we should eat more bananas -- ? Seriously, I think that UFOs are real but I don't think we need an alien theory to explain progress : nobody brought us computers, but we created them.