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@singuri (571)
September 30, 2011 11:08am CST
I give more preference to my friends after my parents but i don't know why people use to doubt me and my friendship. Some how one of my close friend got an false information on me that i was talking bad about her character. As she knows me well from 5 years very well.I even dint understand how she believed such scrap i had a big discussion about this with her she used all the abuse words on me even i don't mind that and said leave the topic and be normal but she refused to be in contact with me at least.Still i want to have good relation with her.Please u do express your thoughts if you face such things .
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@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
30 Sep 11
If she refuses to believe you, then I think it might be better to leave her alone. Sometimes, the more we try to explain ourselves, the more people may think we must be guilty. So, I think you might want to leave her alone. If she is worthy of your friendship, she'll get in touch with you sooner or later.
30 Sep 11
if the information you friend has on you is false persevere with the friendship and show her that is is not true as best you can by being a good friend. don't give up on the friendship if it really means a lot to you and she will come around