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@singuri (571)
September 30, 2011 11:29am CST
I like films and go and watch regularly.I find many people use to go film based on casting in a film.But i like to see the films which have a good story. I feel casting is secondary when compare to story.Even we can see many films got good reviews if the story is good than the casting.If the story is not good it won't get the success also i think so........... what about your opinion.
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@cloudflix (112)
• United States
30 Sep 11
I agree that a good story is more important than casting, but even if a film gets good reviews because of the story, that doesn't mean that a story that isn't good will not be successful. Many really lame movies make a lot of money because people want to go and see their favorite actors and ignore reviews. They may still even claim that the movie is great even though the story is terrible and the critics hate it! I guess it depends on whether you think success is determined by money or by acclaim. Plus, there is more to it than the casting or the story...there is also special effects, music, lighting, etc, to take into consideration. These things can make people and even critics feel good about a movie and "save" it even if the story and/or casting is mediocre.
@spyke08 (19)
• Philippines
2 Oct 11
I go for the good story. To me, it doesn't matter whether the actors are famous or not as long as they act very well and they can give life to that good story.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
1 Oct 11
I'm with you here! I only go to watch a good film at the cinema if the plot is good. Like you said, a good plot would probably have a good cast of actors. Sometimes some movies may have your favorite actor but the plot of the whole movie may be really bad or dull. A bad story really does wreck the entire movie, I just can't make it through a whole film if it has a bad plot. If it's a bad beginning, it probably will have a bad ending. I only watch a movie that is worth seeing and worth my money when I go to the cinemas. It's good to check reviews because not all movies that come out in the cinema are good.
• India
1 Oct 11
That's true and people have realized it. Since the past 2 years Bollywood has witnessed a major change in the viewership wherein low budget movies with good stories have achieved tremendous success and bid budget movies with top stars but lame story lines failed miserably.
@salonga (27957)
• Philippines
1 Oct 11
I go for good story and good actors as well. If the story is good but the actors are unable to portray well then that spoils the beauty of the story. I also like films that depicts realities of life. I don't want melodrama and tearjerkers. I am basically a happy person so I don't want too much crying in the movies I watch. I'd prefer light, feel good movies but with good lessons to learn.
@rafiholmes (2897)
• Malaysia
30 Sep 11
its hard to tell if a movie got a good story or not..u will never know until u see it.. But for casting..u almost can be certain movie with top stars ..for example Leonardo Dicaprio, Meryl Streep pr Tom Hanks..big chaances are these movie acted by this cast probably will have a good storyline..because good actors like them usually read the scripts or story before they agree to act in the particualrs movies..they seldom just take any movie if they think its not good for their career..etc..
@gocsa666 (128)
• Hungary
30 Sep 11
The thing is, you cannot really tell if a movie's gonna have a good story or not until you go and see it. Trailers and other promotional materials can be deceiving, and even if the story or the basic plot sounds good it can be executed really badly. The stars are just names, even if there are a lot of stars in a flick, it does not guarantee that it will be good. At least, it's true for most Hollywood stars. If Morgan Freeman is in a pic, his presence makes even the worst movie more bearable. But yeah, I agree that a lot of people chose what they'll view based on the main cast. I think a good movie has to have everything: good story (script), good acting, good pace, good directing, good music, etc. If any of these is lacking, you'll only get a so-so movie, one that could have been better.
@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
30 Sep 11
I love to go see movies of a period style such as Civil War or Henry the VIII for examples. I enjoy watching the movie, then I will watch it again to look into the movie to see the scenery, pay more attention to dress and detail while still enjoying seeing the movie I think if the setting and dress is good it helps the actors cast to be better as they are set in the setting of the time. At the end I will sometimes watch the credits to see where some movies are made. I am always amazed by movies and where they are taken and the beauty that can come out of a movie