Is it wasting time to click of low earning links?

@marguicha (104138)
September 30, 2011 11:46am CST
Many people who work at PTC sites and such stop clicking when links are not as big as they want them to be. Big paying links are a cent, the rest is not worth it, they say. Nevertheless, what I think is more important is if the site is legit or not. If I will get my money someday it is worth it. If they offer me lots and it is a scam, I´m working for nothing. Old sites sometimes offer little money per link. Some of them are clicksia and incentria. There are more of them. Cashout is small: a dollar many times. But what matters is how cents and dollars grow if you work at those sites. And after a time you will reach cashout and have your pay. It happens the same with mylot. We post, answer and participate in several ways. Maybe there will be months where we don´t reach cashout. But the next month we will have our pay. Some people get tired beforehand and stop clicking. They get deleted from some of those sites and that hard earned money goes to the owners of the site. Do you think it´s worth it to stick to clicking, posting, working? Or is it better to lose a bit and forget about it? I earn about $100 a month by not quitting. I travel with that money. I makes my life better as I have a luxury. Isn´t it worth it a try?
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
1 Oct 11
Only one concern that I prefer is that I should not waste my time for not for paying. If I work, the time is to be considered worth. As you may be aware, we need to work different sites to get a better payment. If we spend an average of 4-5 hrs. a day, and we should compare the earning with our number of working hrs. and its remuneration. If the payment is so less and spending a lot time for them, finally we find that the sites are not paying, it will be a total waste of time and effort. In my case, may be less, but if there is surety of payment I am ready to spend little more time with them, like myLot.
• India
3 Oct 11
As long as you are sure of payment and getting paid regularly, we can suffer a little, even if it is boring. Even my native language also is not English, but managing. If we try in many places, we will get paid from somewhere. Once we found a better place, can stick on there and spend more time accordingly. Thank-s
@prokat (229)
3 Oct 11
Wow 100 dollars a month is a fantastic amount, I do not think there I know this now I am very pleased to know that this site, and get a lot of experience in it ekekke. sorry my opinion this is still new....^__^. But if you are willing to teach me fantasize get a number of these I felt it would be very grateful and thankful to you...^__^
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
1 Oct 11
You are amazing to work online and still earn $100 per month. This month, I made less than $20, and I am still work on bit by bit. Hopefully I can do better next month though. I just somehow don't have mood or idea how to make more money for myself. Time is tough.