How people affects your life?

@kearkear (259)
September 30, 2011 1:08pm CST
People serves a big factor in my life? They contributes some of myself as me. Some influences my own self and the way i looked up the world.
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
2 Oct 11
We can not always realize how we are influenced, as this can be done more directly or more subtly, but it is well to consider that generally affects people close to us. In general, our influences are parents first. Most times, they are the ones who lay the foundations of the system to think and act, so they all know what "buttons to press" when it comes to influence our decisions. The same thing happens when brothers and sisters, especially those older. The family is usually one that affects us directly or indirectly, all life, even if not always as much. Friends are those who influence us in a variety of ways, from subtle to direct. Usually, we have both friends who resemble us and friends who have different natures, temperaments, desires. A close friend will influence more easily and more plans than just a friend. Many of us, we influence what we see or read. This category includes authors of books they prefer. Ideas taken from the books they treated directly or implied by analogies, often put their imprint on us for life. TV stars are another variety of people you do not never met, but whose influence on our conduct it. It happens that some people may not be aware that influences us. It is possible that a friend had told her no one think to think that we would have an impact on high. But most people are aware of the extent they can influence others, and for this there are a variety of reasons. Someone may try to influence you because I think in this way helps. Someone else can try the same thing for their own purposes. There are, of course, variations between these two. Often, however, let us because we want to be influenced influenced in one way or another, or by a person or another.