Kitten update-Chance

United States
September 30, 2011 6:11pm CST
I didn't want to do this...especially so soon. Chance had been doing so well and had just started to eat solid food. Today, I took him out of his crib to let him play and I briefly took my dogs outside. When I returned to get the phone.. I heard a squeak. To make a long story short... Chance passed away after I accidentally stepped on him. Nothing could be done. It happened instantly. I am upset and have been crying all day long. I tried to go to work today and they let me come home. All this time...saving his life when he was first born, then rushing him to the vet when he nearly died from an illness...just to die by a freak accident.. I feel like it's my fault, because I should have kept him inside his crib. Or at least kept him in the other room instead of bringing him back into this one where the phone is. My sister blames herself for calling me, but how could she have known? It's weird...because it still feels like he's with me. I can almost 'see' him trying to walk around the floor, biting on something. He would have been seven weeks old on Monday. I am so so sorry, everyone..
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• India
1 Oct 11
kitten are so cute and really to good to see them with his mother. my friend has a cat and few months ago it had a kitten. i enjoyed it having at home for a day and gave it to my friend later.
• United States
2 May 12
Hi writersolutions10, Yes, kittens are cute. But they can also be a handful. You constantly have to watch where you step (a painful lesson I learned several months ago) because they can be anywhere when allowed to run free on the floor. And as kittens are, they will find ways to get out and explore. It's their nature to do so.
• United States
30 Sep 11
You can be thinking this way. It was an accident anyone could have done this. Your going to be sad for a while for sure. stop crying and get yourself together. it will be fine soon. the rest of your pets and family need you.
• United States
2 May 12
Hi giftsandbagscom, It has been many many months since Chance's unfortunate accident. I still think about him every day, but my pets and a couple of strays I am caring for, have helped me through the grieving process. I definitely miss him though and I always will. I bonded with him because I had helped birth him and cut him out of the sack. I rubbed him down with a damp cloth and even pinched him to get him to take his first breath. I also bottle fed him from the day he was born because he wouldn't nurse from his mother. And even more, I worked with his deformed legs and got them to position the right way instead of backwards. I still wish he had lived, but in my heart he does. I just miss him a lot.