working with my dad

@00fear (3211)
United States
September 30, 2011 10:33pm CST
Hi, I have been posting here about the reason that I don't visit mylot a lot is because of working. I wanted to ask since that reminded me, what is wrong about working with my dad? I work with my dad and my brothers, cousin, and even someone from yahoo answers told me that working with my dad is not okay, why not? I mean is it because of the fact that I am not suppose to charge him for the times I worked with him, since he is my dad? He doesn't make me pay rent, and still pays for my phone (I' still going to school), not to mention when I want or need something, he'll buy and also invites me to lunch whenever he and my mom don't have anything special to go out for. My mom mention that I should work because whenever vacations comes, I can decide my own vacation times when I have worked all year and my hours to work (meaning when I'm at school). What is wrong working with him. Even he told me he wanted me to get a job. I know there might be a reason but I don't know what it is Thanks
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@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
19 Nov 11
Personally there is nothing wrong with working for your Dad, and I know people that do that. Yes, you may not be making a lot of money like when you work for someone else, but if you are Happy and have all that you need, that is all that counts. Plus if your Dad has his own business you are helping him with this is job experience, and since Jobs are harder to come by a lot of places, this could be the Best thing for you right now. Don't let what others say bother or influence you.
@bingskee (5237)
• Philippines
8 Oct 11
i cannot understand why it could be wrong. unless you just go there and do nothing. but to be there to assist and be useful and helpful for the business, what is wrong with that?
@epicure35 (2822)
• United States
1 Oct 11
Nothing is "wrong" with working with your father and other family members. Family businesses and strong families are what made this country great. The values and the discipline you learn are "invaluable". It sounds to me like you are in an enviable and wonderful situation. There is a sense of craftmanship, high standards, and exceptionalism that goes along with the pride and accountability of a family enterprise. Of course there are problems, but that's true in all businesses and jobs; but the love and caring of a working-together family supercedes any other kind of job scenario.
@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
1 Oct 11
at first, it is difficult to find what's wrong working with one's dad. after a while, you'll see that things are wrong. for now, people's advices to you might not make sense because things are alright. i can foretell somehow that it is difficult to delineate your role as a son and his role as a father from employer-employee relationship. the productivity may be affected. second, the opportunities of personal and career growth outside may be missed because of working with one's dad. i wish you the best.