@gotetet (197)
September 30, 2011 10:33pm CST
Why does coconut when harvest is abundant the price keeps going down, it always the case here in the Philippines, every time coconuts are its peak harvest, copra price goes down, why is it so? Help!
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@Unw0rthy (44)
• Canada
3 Oct 11
supply and demand? if you have a lot of something and there isn't a good demand the price will go down. In the seasons where coconuts do not grow that often(if there are any globally) then the price will be higher because they are harder to get. I do not think coconut is something that everyone rushes out to get. We have them all year round here in canada and not many people buy them. So I would assume that we get a steady amount of them from the countries they come from, therefore when you guys have a lot they are cheaper because there isn't an increase in demand.