compromising my self do you do the same?

@singuri (571)
September 30, 2011 11:15pm CST
I am very close to one of my cousin.We use to spend time together and share all our feelings and things each other.Such a good relation i had with her but unfortunately one day i came to know that she is telling all my personals to few of my family members.I din't believe that but later i came to know that it was true.I was totally upset of her behavior slowly i reduced my elation with her.One day she came to me and asked why i was doing like that.I said what ever i had in my mind and left the place.after few days she came to me and said sorry and asked me to be normal but i was not yet interested to do will you responds i you are in the same situation?.
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21 Apr 12
I have experienced the same thing. My cousin use to please other person. And the way to please them is to tell stories. And I hate it. She criticize other person without even looking at herself which is not good. She grew up try very hard on everything. She hates when someone is criticising her. She think everything she owns is because she work hard for it. But she never accept it that most people needs to criticize her for her to grow and look it in a good way. I think she is having a hard time carrying all sadness with her heart. I feel sorry for her. She might earn more now than before but she never learn to forgive someone.
• Canada
13 Feb 12
I think it would be good to find out why she was sharing your personal information with others like this. You should ask her the reason and tell her how hurt you were by this. I would have done the same thing as you did as she broke your trust once and could do it again too but it would be nice to know why she did it like this
• Philippines
1 Oct 11
I think the next time she asked you why, you should confront her. Maybe she did not intend to tell everyone your story, or maybe she did, for a reason. Having a close relationship with a relative is really nice. So tell her the truth, only this way will you be able to fix your relationship with her.