Danielle Steel's Journey

October 1, 2011 7:59am CST
I shared this here because it is related to the people we love. I actually read this book months ago and remembered to share it here just now. It talked about 2 different kinds of abuse, the one which is the usual thing that we know, physical abuse. While, the other one was mental abuse. I wouldn't want to be a spoiler (but, somehow it is already :P). So I would not share the whole story but yes the story had that mental and physical abuse for the main character. And the main character there just somehow let it all happen to her because of the thought that she loves the person. Well, we should not let the people we love do that to us. Sometimes we become blinded with the love we have for them, and they somehow control us and be submissive even if it is wrong already. Learn to distinguish if the person you love is already becoming abusive of you. Maybe, for an example he/she has been making you inferior already with the things you do. Know your rights and what is right in every situation.
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• India
19 Oct 11
Welcome to mylot I have not read this book, but now i feel tempted after reading this in details, will certainly request my book store here to get a copy of this at the earliest... Thanks for sharing Best of luck. Professor