Mafia II

October 1, 2011 2:17pm CST
I played the Mafia II. Great game. nice story. The game is very cinematic. Mafia 2 is all about the story, the atmosphere, the lovingly crafted America of the '40s and '50s, the characters you'll meet, the music you'll hear, the cars you'll drive, the advertisements you'll enjoy, the radio broadcasts you'll listen to, detailing the Allied progress in the war This game is so packed with atmosphere it's nearly bursting at the seams. Such attention to detail, such beautiful graphics, and such incredible scenery - it's hard not to just start your car and take a long drive through the city, enjoying the music. Do play it and let me know how it is ...
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@anklesmash (1416)
5 Oct 11
Your right its a great game i have been playing it a lot recently and i have almost finished the game.I have to say that it is one of the best games i have played for a while i think mainly because of it being such a well written story and the near perfectness of almost every detail.Im going to buy the DLC as well i havent enjoyed playing a game this much since i played LA Noire both games have given me the compulsion to complete them.
• India
7 Oct 11
You use the PC or any of the dedicated gaming consoles like Xbox or PS3? I used the keyboard-mouse combination for Kick-a$$ shooting and for all others like driving and running around the Xbox 360 controller. I completed the game in 1 day on the PC.
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