i have seen many women send home-made to their lovers at valentine's day

October 1, 2011 9:49pm CST
in japan, there is a tradition that people in this specially day would send each other gifts for blesing. then chocolate always plays a important role in this comunication. women would like to made their own chocolate filled with loving sensation, so they express this emotion through chocolate. anyone have ever heard this holiday? or doing so?
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• China
31 Dec 11
Japanese women are quite the interesting,and very creative,can such a person on Valentine's Day chocolate to make theirmove to the boyfriend.Our valentine day,are sent to some of the gold and silver jewelry or flowers for Valentine's womenusually do it yourself sewing materials to show some of her boyfriend,and some will send some of the belts,clothes for her boyfriend,and some is in the evening,while she herself handstogether to share a meal with her boyfriend.
• Indonesia
3 Oct 11
a valentine day, all about love. but i never do it. cause in that day, i never have girl friend. so sad.
@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
2 Oct 11
Yes, we also celebrate Valentines Day. But I heard Japanese are very into it. They will prepare the chocolates and cook them. For us, we only buy Chocolates. In Japan, the girls will give chocolates to the guys on Valentines Day, and the guys will give chocolates to the girls on White Day. But for us, it's the guys who usually give chocolates to the girls, and we don't have White Day. :)
@maean_19 (4662)
• Philippines
2 Oct 11
Valentine's Day is annually celebrated on every 14th of February. Indeed, it is a "love" day. While it is thought to be a celebration for couples or people in relationship, it is now an incorporation that everyone can celebrate it to spread love. For couples or in a relationship, they celebrate the day by dating. They give gifts that has a heart shaped. Most often, heart shaped chocolates, red flowers, heart shaped balloon or anything that symbolizes love. Some couples would simply spend each other their time together and the girl would prepare foods for her love. It all depends on what and how they show their love.