The Percentage of people reading through books has gone down !!!

October 1, 2011 10:33pm CST
People now are more comfortable in reading contents and information from internet rather than reading books. I still feel that reading books has given me more comfortable !!!. What is your view ???
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• Canada
2 Oct 11
I have to agree with you. I just saw on the news something about this just the other day. I didn't catch it all but they were saying something about the amount of people going to the library in our city has gone down by over 40%. That's so huge they were talking about shutting a couple of them down. We have, I think, 7 or 8 librarys in our city and I guess it wouldn't hurt to close a couple of them since there are so many less people borrowing books from them now. I know that a lot of the younger people, especially, don't read books anymore, everything is on computers now but I still like to read them in bed as they help me to fall asleep because they make my eyes tired. I am sure you can do the same with a computer but it is a lot easier to hold a book. Good luck my friend, littlemissy