Activity with my Oldest Daughter

@marie2052 (3697)
United States
October 1, 2011 10:42pm CST
I started my oldest daughter in dancing at age 2. She started in one dance studio having one hour of tap and ballet and one hour of preschool. There was a show at the end of the year for each age group and some even did solos or duets in their special style of dance. I watched my daughter through every recital and shows that she was in. At about age 10 she came to me and said she had felt that she had learned all she could from the dance academy and could she move to our largest ballet dance studio where we lived. So we made an appointment with the school so my daughter could watch the different dances this school offered. She fell in love seeing all the different styles of dances she could gain knowledge of so we enrolled her. Once we got her settled in she was taking 4 dance classes a week. Then she asked me to call her dance partner so he would leave the previous dance academy and join her. So I talked to his mother and she agreed the other school was holding her son back. The dance studio caught on at early time that this boy and girl duo were unstoppable. When there were recitals they not only danced in their groups but did solos in several catagories. Finally the word Competition come out of my daughters mouth. So we entered several til she was 18. She even got to dance a competition to go to in front of the Tremaine Dance studio. As she started high school she wanted to do more dancing so in order to afford her taking 9 dance classes a week, she became a student teacher with the younger girls starting them out in their basics. By the time she turned of age at 18 she managed to achieve Most Improved Dancer of the whole school. It was a big honor to recieve this trophy. When her and her partner did not dance at the school, we entered them in a few competitions, and I was very fortunate to be their choreographer. I had seriously thought they would go on to be a dance couple. But as we all know there are 3 times more girl dancers to 1 boy. Her partner did a summer session with Tremaine Studio in Los Angeles, California. After learning as much as he could as quickly as he could, he went on to work in some of the Las Vegas dance shows, and also did special shows on cruise ships. My daughter however shocked me in not furthering her dancing career but joined the Marine Corp. Have no idea where that come from except that both her father and mother were in the Army and she wanted to show us up LOL I was very proud of all the times we got to spend together. I had 5 children and each child seemed to follow their own dream during their childhood and their mom was always there saying yes. What do you do with your children for fun and their activities together?
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
2 Oct 11
Unfortunately, I am still single, even though I consider myself old and should be married. If I have children of my own, I definitely would teach them whatever they want to learn, and encourage them to follow their career for it. I want to be a good model for my children too, and hope them do well on whatever they interest in.
@bagarad (12859)
• Paso Robles, California
2 Oct 11
I wish I still had the kids to do things with. Everything was more fun with them, especially traveling. We loved showing them places we loved and exploring new places with them. Homeschooling made that easy. We followed the course of the Oregon trail through Nebraska and Wyoming also visiting Fort Casper and Fort Bridger. We saw several national parks, including the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Flaming Gorge, Mesa Verde, Mt. Rainier, and many of the National Historic Parks, such as Ford Theater and Gettysburg. We visited many historical places in Massachusetts and across the country. We spent four months living in the state of Washington and saw everything we could near Seattle before one final trip to the rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula and west to Sequim Bay. Those are just the highlights. We also saw that Sarah had the piano lessons she so much wanted, and she was quite talented. Jason played soccer off and on, but it wasn't a real love. We went to all the piano recitals and soccers games. We were also active in helping in their schools while they were still in school.
@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
5 Oct 11
Thats an amazing story. I was an only child so when I had my children I basically had my childhood with them. Still remembering to be a parent. yes the discipline of homeshooling my highschool son took me a bit but I was fine once I caught on. We spent many a day on the oceans and studying our finds under microscopes etc. he even had to dissect a pig geez And everyone thinks homeschooling is easier than going to school. thanks for sharing.
@r3jcorp (1384)
• Philippines
3 Oct 11
I am not a talented person especially on dancing and singing. But I do encourage my daughters to everything that they want to learn. From dancing, singing, playing musical instrument and even on Journalism, drawing and arts. I may not dance nor sing with them, but I make sure that I am always present in their activities for love and support.
@daeckardt (6245)
• United States
23 Nov 11
It sounds like your daughter is incredible! I have always been somewhat clumsy so when I see someone who moves well it makes me jealous. I hope that she does some of this on the side even now because it is a good way to stay in shape. Of course, she may have burned out on it after so long. Happy Thanksgiving!!!